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Case Study


branding | web Design | illustration 



The tech company Proscape was trying to market software that was too complicated to explain which made their website too general for consumers to understand. Our team's challenge was narrowing down the complex features of the platform into a clear short story a targeted viewer could grasp. Questions needed to be answered like “What does our company stand for?” and “How does our platform improve our client’s needs?”. The company had to become user-centered.


Our team developed a design thinking process that involved stakeholder research, storyboarding, journey mapping, and user testing to generate a user-centered brand and website. As the visual design lead I synthesized the software focus research and customer personas into storyboards. These stories revolved around 5 illustrated characters to help communicate understanding and empathy. Each character has their own color palette and unique look that had to be drawn consistently. These storyboards also served as a common flow for each webpage. A targeted viewer then could grasp the story and follow one or more paths of the five conversion points on the company’s website:

  1. Schedule a demo

  2. Drop into the platform

  3. Subscribe to our blog

  4. Respond on Intercom

  5. Become a Partner



The brand refresh unified the whole company around the effort of uniting sales and marketing teams to better connect with customers. The sales team received a lot less questions and had an easier time connecting with customers. Ideas for marketing campaigns came naturally. The company received lots of feedback of the website appearing “welcoming”, “not intimidating” and unique compared to our competitors websites. The momentum of gaining customers and the spirit of the company improved.