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Case Study

Interiors’ EP Blur

Album Art | Design 

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Mike Coscia, solo guitarist of the popular artist Interiors, had an upcoming EP named “Blur”. He was in the midst of finishing the 5 premiering songs when he began to think of how he was going to promote it to his audience. He wanted album art that was unique, abstract, and continued the theme of his old albums. He also needed to spread word of the release date and musical platforms it would be on. I was hired to design his album art and social media outreach. 


I spent time listening to each song, which were all ambient, and focused on their names: Evoke, Depict, Intersect, Platforms and Shift. I also researched popular alternative album covers for inspiration. Astronomy has always been an influence on his music so I experimented with space imagery. I 3-D rendered and masked certain images to come up with a unique and abstract design with a suggested planet as the center. I matched the green and teal color palette of his previous albums to continue his brand. I completed the design with the artist and album title effected with a motion blur that made it pop out against the background. I then designed two banners for Interiors’ Instagram and Facebook pages that included the release date and logos of every musical platform it would be available on. 


Mike had a head start on promoting the release of his upcoming EP and generated excitement to his community. Interiors’ social media pages were branded with the album art and information which created recognition. The album art was well received and gave fans something alluring to look at while listening to each song. 

Danielle designed the artwork for my solo project’s EP and did a fantastic job. She exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and turnaround time. I highly recommend her to any bands, businesses, or anyone seeking high quality design work.
— Mike Coscia, Interiors