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Case Study

Dandelieve Nasal Spray

Mobile App Design | UI/UX | Branding 



The tech company Proscape marketed software that help built mobile enterprise apps. One of the biggest fields in enterprise is healthcare. As the visual design lead of the Proscape design team, we took upon the challenge to design an authentic healthcare brand and enterprise app to attract more customers during demos.  


Our team first researched healthcare enterprise apps to see what features are used most. We then sketched out the user experience and revolved it around showcasing Proscape’s software benefits with zoom capabilities. We agreed on a nasal spray brand called “Dandelieve” and designed a logo, package designs, and other advertising materials that can be implemented into the app. The outcome was a fully branded enterprise app that had the look and feel of a real healthcare experience with the appropriate tools and features.  



Proscape's sales team had an easier time showcasing and explaining the flexibility of Proscape’s platform to customers. Healthcare leads, as well as agency's, converting to customers after demos increased.