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Case Study

Prohibere: How It Works 

Product Illustration | Packaging 

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The award winning company Biomaterix engineered a breakthrough hair conditioner called Prohibere. It's a tool that works with thermoreceptors in the skin to create a cooling sensation to help trichotillomania and migraines. People with BFRBS are often insecure and do not like to come forward because most people have never heard of it. Biomaterix came to me with the need of a product illustration on how the conditioner works. The challenge also became how can we improve confidence in users at their most vulnerable time and increase awareness of BFRBS?


To get away from the crude medical illustrations that offered no connection to customers, I sketched out a close up portrait of a woman using the conditioner. The design focused mainly on her thick locks of hair and relaxed expression from the product’s cooling sensation. The outcome was an aesthetic illustration a customer could be inspired by while learning how it works.  



The illustration was used on the product’s delivery bags for immediate understanding. It was also used in the product gallery on Amazon to help market the conditioner to potential customers.  

I hired Dani to help with an illustration on how to use a new hair product for a disorder known as trichotillomania. She exceeded expectations and delivered quality art work quickly and exactly to my liking. Would definitely work with again!
— Emily Kight, CEO of Biomaterix