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Case Study

Aurora's Demise

Merch Design | Typography | Illustration 

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The local hardcore band Aurora’s Demise had a new EP coming out and one of the featured songs was called “Hope Never Dies”. The band approached me to design a new shirt to sell at their shows. They collectively wanted a noose involved in the design. The challenge became how can I combine the title, a noose, and their already black letter inspired brand in an aesthetic shirt design?   


I researched blackletter type and sketched thumbnails of the title integrating with a noose. Once I decided on the layout I illustrated the concept with ruler precision to make sure each letter had the same x-height, length, kerning, and leading. I then scanned it into the computer and vectorized. The band and I agreed that the black and white version would work best compared to a color version. Once the design was complete it was sent to be printed on shirts. 



The design was printed on both T-Shirts and sweatshirts and it stood out from other band’s merch designs. It connected with their fans and increased their merch sales.