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Case Study

20nine IPA Growlers

package design | Copywriting | illustration 



While interning at the brand agency 20nine I observed their design approach as well as each art director’s hobbies and interests. I wanted a way to combine my three concentrations; concept design, copywriting, and illustration, into one project. I challenged myself to align IPA labels with the agency’s brand and six unique personalities into a conceptually sound growler collection. These sought to create a human-centered spin on package design. 


I conducted interviews to better understand each personality of the art directors. I also researched 20nine as a brand and the messaging they convey to their clients. In addition to this I researched beer label design and romance copy. I then synthesized each designer's personality into IPA labels with an illustrated ink portrait, flavor name and description.  



I learned a great deal about branding and collaborating with clients. I also improved on all three of my concentrations. 20nine loved the outcome and the six growlers are still on display in their office today.